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heya how r u? listen im not trying to be in a rush but do u think u can meet me this evening? im truly going thru a rough week and could use some… stress relief. im not going to front, i culd use some gas money. Just like forty or sixty dollors, i sware ill make it worth ur time lol

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hi how are u? hey I’m not trying to be pushy but do u think u can be with me this evening? I’m truly having a rough day and could use some… relief. I’m not gonna lie, i culd use some gas. Just like 40 or sexty bucks, i promise i will make it worth your while :)

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alright listen…just go here instead and sign up. It’s free and you’ll find me under “heatherm0011″. It is just like facebook but meant for dating. go through my naughty pics i got on there and talk to me on there through chat cause im online now. Great thing is that there are other girls to choose from if i just happen to not fill your needs but im think you will be coming back for more if anything ;)

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Ive jus had a lot of men playing around wit me this week and pretending to be sincere and then i would go to his house and screw them or whatever and then theyd laugh at me and sometimes even hit me. I dont feel as safe as i used to be and now i try to see a guys profile first. Can you go to www.verifylocals.com/profiles/heatherm0011 and make a profile for me? If you do i will send you my phone number fast, as i said, i truly want the gas. But i have to be safe 2!!! When you make it send me a msg as heatherm0011

Fifth e-mail from heathermillz49@gmail.com:

i am real and jus realy having hard times since my ex boyfriend left me a few weeks ago because he did take care of me. you seem like jus my kinda man. culd you do a big favor for me b4 we get together? Could you put together a page on www.attractivelocals.com i am on there under mmetalik and Id really love for you to create a little page and show me u are serious if you do Ill send you my phone or text you I jus dont need to drive all the way out to somewhere and then have you not come and then i am out gas, and this will show me you care at the very least a little and also iv a lot more pics on it to

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  2. Anna March 19, 2013 at 9:17 am #

    Just received a ciahser check for $2,835 from Apex Consumer Protection Agency to mystery shop. Cashier check written by IU Credit Union payable through The Bank of NY Mellon, Everett, MA. I am to cash check, wire $2295 with $140 fee through Western Union in person to make notes of how WU personnel handled the transaction, spend $100 at any one of the several department stores and keep product/s and report back on the transaction of the store. Keep $300 for mystery shopping. Really strange, Mellon is legitimate bank and this is ciahser check to be cashed which means, my bank would either cash the check for me and at that time I would certainly know if it were legitimate. Can someone please explain what they may be up to. Too good to be true. Not planning on cashing, just curious why someone would send that size of a check to just anyone through the mail.

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